Media Backdrops

Media Backdrops

Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing & media backdrops – Print custom media backdrops, wall murals, wall decals, wallpapers, logos, and lettering that stimulate interest within any space. Protect walls with something more durable than paint. When you add the ability to customize the pattern, and even add texture, this creates a new dimension to your space. With a variety of wallpaper and wall signs options, Multigraphics has a solution for every budget and setting to help you transform your environment.

Photographic Backdrops | Press Conference Backdrop

Trade Shows, Press Conferences or any Photo Op will look great with a custom backdrop to show school pride with one of our photographic backdrops!

Also available in budget-friendly vinyl with applied graphics.

Transform your office into an exciting environment that boosts employee morale and stimulates creativity.

Add personality and colour with full color wall graphics, cut logo, and cut letters.

Give your retail space a fresh makeover with a splash of colors that can be customized to entice purchases. Print wall murals with your logo and brand.

Refresh public spaces (board room, lunch room, etc.) and create a vibrant setting for your employees and clients by printing custom wall decals.